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Other Internet Browser Options

You are still having trouble accessing your account, in particular, you are being sent back to the log in page. There are a few more options that need to be checked. You need to check your security settings and make sure that they are set to "Medium". Also, it appears that one or more of your Cookies might be corrupted. You will need to delete the old cookies and then re-enter our site so that new cookies can be created. After checking on these options and you still have trouble, please contact us at Remember to close all browser windows and start again after you make the following changes ,this is required.

Follow these instructions:

Reset Security Settings

Internet Explorer 4.x for PC:
From inside the IE window:

  1. Click on View in the top navigation bar and then click on the Internet Options link.
  2. When the new window opens, click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find the "Security" heading.
  4. Make sure that the security setting is set to "Medium".

Internet Explorer 5.x for PC:
From inside the IE window:

  1. Click on Tools in the top navigation bar and then click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Select the Internet for the zone that you want to set the security level for.
  4. Click on the Custom Level button located at the bottom of the page.
  5. When the "Settings:" window opens, select "Medium" for "Reset custom settings" and click the Reset button.

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Delete Temporary Files (Corrupted Cookies)

PC Users

  1. Locate the cookies.txt file
  2. In Windows, click on Start and select "Find".
  3. Choose to search for "Files and Folders".
  4. Enter Cookies.txt and click on the Find Now button.
  5. When the cookies.txt files are found, right click on the name and select "Delete". If any of the cookies are corrupted they will be deleted so that when you go to Jobscience, you will be able to create new ones.

For Netscape

  1. Close Navigator
  2. Locate the Cookies.txt file
  3. It will be located in the directory that Netscape is installed:
    1. for Netscape 3.x
    2. C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\directory
    3. for Netscape 4.x
    4. C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\yourname\directory
  4. Click to Link to the Netscape website to learn more about deleting and replacing cookies.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer

For Microsoft Internet Explorer on Macintosh

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